The 5 questions to ask yourself before buying a spa

The number of home spa tubs has continued to increase, everyone wants a good personal hot tub. The urge to make the most of the present moment adds to this collective euphoria. After a busy day at work, it is normal that you need to relax: what could be more logical than to let yourself go in your Jacuzzi spas? To embellish this relaxation space according to your tastes, it is essential to ask yourself the right questions.

Jaccuzi spa, what would you like to use it for?

Is relaxation one of the reasons you decided to buy a spa? Or that your back hurts like hell, and you think a good jaccuzi spa will help you relieve it?

If relaxation is your main goal, a good blower would not be too much in your jacuzzi. From its bottom, it emits microbubbles which gently massage your body and oxidize your skin at the same time. Tools such as aromatherapy (aromatic plant for medical use) or chromotherapy (color cure) will improve your jaccuzi spa.

If it is the treatment with the benefits of water that interests you, choose the model with hydrojets for more precise massages. Compare the models to find your haven. To avoid handicapping yourself, pay attention to the features of your jaccuzi spa (comfort, type of jets, extension or improvement of its programs and the intensity of the massage, etc.)

The capacity of your Jaccuzi spa?

With family, friends, as a couple, or even alone, how do you plan to use your Jaccuzi spa ? The sitting or lying position will be defined by this answer. If you need privacy (as a couple or solo) lying in your spa would be a nicer option. But if you like to be with your group of friends, seating will enhance your space. To make your jaccuzi spa more user-friendly.

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