Better physical recovery thanks to the jacuzzi

Whether you are a Sunday athlete or an experienced athlete, a good spa session after a hard workout will improve the elimination of toxins, promote blood circulation and reduce the presence of lactic acid in your muscles after a great effort.

Hydromassage acts directly on cellulite. No more orange peel, the pressure of the water will help firm the skin. The action of hot water will allow you to boost your metabolism.

Deep cleansing of the skin


Hot water helps open the pores of the skin. This phenomenon therefore allows deep cleaning. Impurities are then eliminated, resulting in purification of the skin.  Apart from the touch, the other senses can be stimulated only by combining the benefits of additional devices, such as essential oils or other.



The hydromassage jets and bubbles undeniably stimulate the sense of touch. If you close your eyes you can concentrate on the sensations felt by your body and develop this essential sense.


It is possible to combine your spa session with good, pleasant and relaxing music that will help you develop your hearing. Indeed, the high level of relaxation achieved in your jacuzzi will allow you to enjoy your music even better, provided it is adapted to the situation, ie zen and calm. Some connected spas allow you to play your music directly without having to add a speaker connected to the edge of your hot tub.


Taking advantage of your hot tub to sip a soothing hot drink such as herbal tea or an aperitif if that's more your sweet tooth (in moderation always), can help you stimulate your taste.

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